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Bin There Dump That Supplies Dumpster Rentals To Residents of Conover North Carolina

Conover is a  city of just over 8,000 residents in North Carolina and it's one of the most beautiful places to live in the state. You're never far from a lake, trail or park and a friendly neighbor. Bin There Dump That is a major part of the business community in Conover with the best residential dumpster service in town.

Protecting Your Driveway Only Takes A Few Seconds

We're always amazed and a little dismayed when we see a dumpster rental placed directly on a driveway. That's something that we'll never do when we deliver a dumpster to your home. Before we lower one of our dumpsters in place, we place wooden boards down first to protect your driveway from damage. It only take a few seconds, but could potentially save your driveway from having to be reginished in the near future.

Clean and Green Dumpsters

If you've ever seen a Bin There Dump That dumpster, then you'll be familiar with our distinctive lime green dumpsters. We like to keep them looking fresh and new and that means they're cleaned after every use. If they need a fresh coat of paint to keep them looking their best, they'll get the full treatment at our yard before a dumpster is delivered to your driveway.

North Carolina Style Service

As a service business, we recognize the importance of a focus on training all employees to represent the company well in every interaction. That's why we've trained our drivers to be dumpster delivery experts. Chances are, they'll be the first representative of Bin There Dump That you'll see in person and in many cases the only one. They take that responsibility seriously and they'll work hard to make sure you get your dumpster delivered on time, that it's placed where you want it and that any concerns you have are listened to and addressed.

Residents in Conover Love Lime Green Dumpsters

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The Greater Conover Area - What to do?

If you're a new resident you have had a chance to explore our city a bit, but there's likely still lots to discover. If you expand your orizons to just a few miles outside of town as well, there are some great historical sites in the area and the best of what nature has to offer as well. Below you'll find a couple of recommendations from us.

Bunker Hill Covered Bridge

Just outside Conover in niehgboring Claremont, you'll find one of the few remaining covered bridges in the US. The Bunker Hill Covered Bridge was built in 1895 and still offers a useable crossing over Lyle's Creek. It's well worth the visit and you'll feel like you're stepping back in time as you make your way across.

Lake Hickory

Another spot worth the drive is Lake Hickory - it's one of the favorite spots for local fishing, boating and water activities. A quick swim in the lake is a great way to cool off on a hot summer day. It's also a great place for a nice hike along the shore.

Treetop Adventures

If you prefer to stay in Conover, a visit to Treetop Adventures should be on your To-Do list. it's a fun family adventure with rope courses and zip lining. You'll find a lot more fun adventures in the area as you learn to love Hickory as much as we do.

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