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Bin There Dump That Loves Renting Dumpsters To Residents of Lincolnton, NC

When you think of cities of less than 20,000 people you typically picture a sleepy town with little to do – that’s not the case in Lincolnton North Carolina. This small city just northwest of Charlotte is bustling with activity and filled with great destinations. Bin There Dump that is a big part of the community and the residential dumpster specialists in the area.

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Walk-in Double Doors

If you’ve already struggled to get that old couch out of the house and into the garage, the last thing you want to do is to have to haul it over the top of a dumpster. Our bins have walk-in double doors that eliminate that problem. You can walk right in and deposit that old furniture without extra effort. We’ll show you how the doors work when we deliver the dumpster.

Sweep Your Driveway Clean

If you rented a dumpster for a roofing project there’s a good chance some of the debris may have missed the bin during the work. That means there may be some roofing tiles and possibly some nails littering your driveway. That’s not safe for your family and you could even end up with a flat tire. Before we take our bin away, we’ll make sure all of that debris makes its way into the bin and that your driveway is swept clean.

Lincolnton, North Carolina Service

North Carolinians are known for their hospitality and Bin There Dump That proudly follows that philosophy. Our dumpster delivery experts will consult with you before placing a bin down and make sure that you’re happy with the location. For them it’s not just about driving a truck, it’s about providing you with true Carolina service.

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A Walking Tour of Lincolnton

It’s great that you’ve decided to call Lincolnton home and as our way of welcoming you, we thought we’d point out a few of our favorite places and activities in town.

Down on Main Street

We’d suggest starting with a tour of downtown Main Street. It’s the gateway to Lincolnton’s downtown and it’s filled with great shops – you’ll find antique shops, art stores, a great bookstore and even a family-owned winery Called Southern Charm Winery. You’ll get a real feel for this great little city with a tour of Main Street.

Take a Ride on the South Fork Rail Trail

If you want to enjoy a bit of nature while admiring the sights of the city, the South Fork Rail Trail is the best way to do it. It follows the path of the Catawba River with almost 2 miles of trails to hike on or take a bike ride.

Visit the South Mountains

Perhaps the best part of living in Lincolnton is the close proximity of the South Mountains. If you’re up for a bit of a climb there are some great views on offer. You can also go horseback riding in the area, which is a truly unique experience. This is just a small sample of what Lincolnton has to offer.

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